May 192015

The Ultimate 30-Minute Amazon Store! Setup once and run hands-free forever or flip into manual and customize everything. Its rare to see a product line so successful that it makes it to version 6. Its long-term success has a lot to do with the fact that FSB stores rank higher in Google than any other Amazon store builder sites. Users will be able to automatically add products from Amazon, grab reviews, and choose from a huge range of professional templates and skins right out of the box. Some may consider the price tag on Fresh Store Builder v6 to be a bit on the steep end, but it includes many features and templates that many other vendors sell as individual products or a separate upsells, such as exit pop-ups and engaging opt-in forms. The best feature is where most Amazon store builders force you to work through Amazon Associates, Fresh Store Builder v6 can actually work with ANY affiliate network.

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