Smart Outsourcing Super Pack

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Jan 022014

Could your business benefit from outsourced virtual assistants pre-trained in internet marketing, social media, traffic generation, customer service and sales? Get outsourcing expert Daven Michaels’, Outsource Smart Audio Book, 5 Part List Building Video Series,
Outsourcing Blueprint Computer App.

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Lser-Targeted List Building

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Jan 022014

"FREE REPORT Reveals 30 Tips To Build A List of Laser-Targeted Subscribers So You Can Email Your Offers And Make More Money From Every Mailing…":

-30 valuable tips to help you laser-target and build your list.

-How to identify the exact target market so you can craft your offer and convert more

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Webmaster Videos

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Jan 022014

Webmaster Videos,a new release for 2013 includes WordPress,Gimp,Paint and the Pic Monkey image editor (all free)training just for the astute webmaster.

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70 PLR Products

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Jan 022014

You can get 70 Unrestricted PLR products to call your own products and do with as you see fit. Limited Time Only!

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5 Steps to BIG Profit- The S.M.A.L.L. Business Reports

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Jan 022014

Broken down in easy to follow steps…

Step 1 – Selecting the ideal market that has people who are spending already.

Step 2 – How to determine what to sell your chosen market that brings in the big profits.

Step 3 – The best way to create your first product, or have others do it for you.

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30 Special Top E-Books Bonanza!

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Jan 022014

A selection of assorted E-Books on hot topics and themes such as Make Money Online, Affiliate Traffic, Health, Self-Improvement, Golf, Relationships, Real Estate, Personal Finance, Home Business, Marketing, Real Estate. Ideal for personal use and as gifts, valued at $210 but freely available here!

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