Azon Store Builder Plugin

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Sep 302015

The POWERFUL WP Plugin that allows you to build beautiful looking Amazon stores that attract users and build confidence (making it easier for them to purchase through your store) inside your website or blog. It is also highly customizable allowing you to tailor your store for your visitors and boost your rankings through smart SEO keywords. And for the FIRST TIME EVER you can still profit off traffic 3 months later with a powerful cookie system that ensures your Amazon affiliate link is locked and loaded for up to 90 days after visitors browse your store… This is HUGE!

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Social Suite

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Sep 292015

The Social Suite software allows you to build BOTH social and web pages with its unique drag and drop creator system. It also lets you quickly generate AND gives you the awesome ability to sell to leads either inside of Facebook and/or on your website, making it not only POWERFUL, but also a high-profit opportunity software just waiting for you to take full advantage of it. And, just one of its unique features that will give you a MASSIVE competitive and unfair advantage is that it has a complete follow-up sequence autoresponder app built right into the software… This makes Social Suite a real and true all-in-one solution, and will allow you to sell and re-sell to your prospects and customers over and over again, all on complete autopilot…

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Email Click Magnet v2.0

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Sep 262015

Email Click Magnet 2.0 is a software that gets the most possible clicks on every email you send with impossible to resist videos, powerpoint slides or dynamic text within the message. Skyrocket conversions and profits with this easy to use tool. Use the code save10 at checkout to get a $10 discount.

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WP HawkEye Plugin

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Sep 242015

We all know how easy it is to create websites with WordPress… The problem is if any of your critical plugins are mistakenly deactivated, then you run the risk of your website not doing its job… Making Sales! A brand new plugin called WP HawkEye automatically notifies the WordPress Admins if any critical plugin fails to auto update. It just went LIVE and you will want to add it to your arsenal right away! You can get it for just $7 NOW!

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Pixel Studio FX

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Sep 212015

Pixel Studio FX is a drag and drop, easy to use, state-of-the art graphic design tool that creates beautiful, unique and professional e-covers for your digital products in minutes. With hundreds of ready made templates, gone are the days of spending weeks and a fortune to have covers created. Eliminate costly software, add-ons, action scripts, rip off graphic designers and the inevitable hassle of sourcing top quality designs and buying overpriced stock to design half-decent covers. With Pixel Studio FX all your cover design needs are materialized in an easy to use web-based platform, and is light years ahead of any competition.

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Social Funnels Plugin

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Sep 182015

The incredible WordPress Plugin that allows you to automatically turn any web page into a virally shared Lead-Capture page, EVEN if that page isnt yours! and builds your list overnight… Now you can build your list quickly and easily all without spending a single dime on ads and traffic… Seriously… You can run your campaigns from right within your WP dashboard and pull in tons of free targeted traffic. Watch the demo video to see it in action.

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WP Certify Plugin

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Sep 172015

WP Certify is a One of a Kind WP plugin that simulates a product download system based on membership, with its own registration and login page for purchased products, without the hassle of complicated configuration of access levels and WITH file protection… Be it for sold products, paid membership content or optin incentives. Even links on download pages for optin feebies are protected. Download links that are shared in any way simply wont work
and unauthorized visitors can be redirected to any URL (sales page, optin page, etc.).

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Graphics Magic Box V2

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Sep 162015

A magnificent collection of 825+ 5-star quality marketing graphics and templates. The graphics are brand new, fresh and modern based on the newest design trends. This is a perfect graphic collection for internet marketers, affiliate marketers, product vendors, offline marketers and paid advertisers. No Photoshop or Complicated Software needed!

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Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

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Sep 162015

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is An Amazing New Software Tool That Creates Doodle Videos on the fly. Simply enter your text, select images from our library (or add you own) drop in some background music and hit Build! The software exports the video into common easy formats. Version 3 has new LIVE interactive hotspots, LIVE Click to Call, full social media integration and much more… Use this software tool to promote your own offers, those as an affiliate and build videos for local clients. The possibilities are endless!

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Whiteboard Video Pack 2.0

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Sep 142015

The truth is… We all buy emotionally… Whiteboard Video Packs 2.0 will give you the advantage to start making not “just another video” but videos that convert using the magic ingredient of emotions. This is a massive bundle of 25 Emotion Video Packs which comprise of 500+ professionally hand drawn characters, expressive poses and elements. It comes with 3 art styles: outline, black & white and full-color, giving you the preferred choice of art direction and helps you stand out from the crowd. Each emotion pack has been carefully crafted to help you add real emotions in your presentation and express yourself in just about every way. 

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