Scratch Engine PRO Plugin

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Jun 302015

Scratch Engine PRO is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create responsive digital scratch card competitions. With a built in lead capture feature this plugin will turn competition list building on steroids. This includes the ability to run your own lead generation digital scratch card competitions. Control winners, control design and above all, collect leads in a very unique way. Only available for 3 days, comes with full developer rights, plus another 10 winning scratch cards have been added to the bonus page… Go fast for the best price…

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Jun 282015

SociVids enables you to take any YouTube video in the world… And add your own buy now, call to action bar, JV Zoo, or Paypal button right on top of it. You can also add your own completely functional opt-in form, too.
That means you can use other peoples videos to build your list, make affiliate sales, and sell your own products. You can also make way more money off of your own videos, too. AND then you can use these videos as super cheap Facebook ads, and build a list/sell products from DIRECTLY inside the Facebook newsfeed. Watch the demo here…

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Jun 282015

Viddify is a powerful new web application that embeds interactive games in your videos to boost viewer retention! This results in more clicks, leads and sales from your videos.

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Click Pop Engage Plugin

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Jun 272015

The WordPress plugin that will let you engage your traffic like never before. Turning visitors into leads, and then even sales! Fully customize the design of the Click Pop Engage box by using images, video, opt in forms and call to actions! Not only that but its simple to use and comes with full training and tips on how to maximize your lead gathering and earning potential. This is one for the arsenal of every Internet marketer!

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Quick Start Challenge 3.0

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Jun 262015

Quick Start Challenge 3.0 is an interactive coaching program that will allow ANYONE (regardless of knowledge or experience) to get results online in 28 days or less… This is a proven 4 week coaching program taught by a trio of established marketers in Dean Holland, Craig Crawford, and Robert Phillips. Not only will this make you accountable, but there will be the chance for you to win cash prizes as well as scholarships into Dean’s more exclusive programs. Get all the details and our bonus package here…

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Power Videos Express

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Jun 252015

10 HIGH-QUALITY “Ready Made” Animated Video Templates done by a PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER that give you Awesome Looking and High Converting Marketing Videos in just MINUTES Without Expensive Complicated Software! You also get all the graphics in high-quality photoshop format that you can use in your videos, websites or other mediums.Take a look at the demo videos…

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Jun 242015

Rapi Sites is a customizable website theme that comes with Developer License and is designed for high conversions and creating websites super fast. No matter if you are a veteran or newbie internet marketer, your time is precious and your time is money. If you can point, click, and type, you can create a website tailored for any type of business. Just fill in a few fields, choose your colors, and add a few images to quickly make a site optimized for generating leads and increasing sales.

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WP Coach Pro Plugin

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Jun 192015

The new WordPress plugin that automatically creates a private coaching portal with each of your clients where you can communicate with them one on one. All email communications are captured in the portal. They can even be throttled to limit the number of questions they can ask on a daily or weekly basis! Plus you get a stunning visual dashboard that lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your coaching program so you know exactly how profitable and efficient your coaching really is. This plugin is slick and there is nothing like it on the market today.

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Rapid Builder Theme

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Jun 172015

New Drag & Drop Theme with 40+ Pre-Made Templates makes it easy to create Killer Landing Page, Sales Page, Business Sites, E-Commerce Sites, Professional Blog and Many More in Minutes! Perfect for newbies or veterans!

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Social Autobots

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Jun 162015

The very first and only Facebook AND Instagram software that completely automates the process of you interacting with your market(s) AND, the software does all this for you 24/7 (Yes even while you sleep). Imagine being able to like thousands of your target markets photos, follow your competitors fans, find hundreds of Facebook groups in your niche market, join them and post to them all in seconds, while gathering a years worth of content for your social profiles in under 60 seconds. That is EXACTLY the kind of results Social Autobots is going to give you.

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