Social Contest

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May 292015

A whole new contest app… There are SO many ways to run contests – but none as powerful as this. Generate leads on all major platform where internet traffic is insane… Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and
Pinterest! In our testing we found 5x higher traffic and 5x more sales simply by using this solution. Jam packed with lots of cool features that you are going to love.

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WP Affiliate Boxes Plugin

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May 292015

The Ultimate Plugin For Affiliate Marketers, Niche Marketers and Website Owners … WP Affiliate Boxes is a great way to make your affiliate recommendations stand out and get more clicks. This is an easy way to increase the affiliate earnings from any website you own. You are in complete control of what affiliate link you use, allowing you to promote any affiliate program you wish! And your affiliate boxes can be completely customized to match the look and feel of your site.

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May 232015

Headlinr is a browser based plugin, so there is no clunky, memory hogging software to download… And it works seamlessly and discreetly inside both Chrome and Firefox. Just enter your target keyword and instantly crank out hundreds of proven, traffic-getting headlines based on any topic you can imagine. Watch the video and see it in action here…

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Vicon Lead

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May 212015

A revolutionary new software has just hit the market that allows you to
make ANY video interactive! Vicon Lead is software that transforms your facebook, eCommerce and amazon marketing videos into ViconLead Machines!
– Turn Any Video into a Dynamic Sales Experience to Engage and Convert!
– Grab 100s of Emails via the Built-In ViconLeadMachine
– Redirect Technology Drive Sales into your ViconFunnel
– Offline: $100+ / Lead PayPerCall Potential with Tap2Call Integration
Revolutionize the way you Collect Leads and Make Sales through the Power of ANY Video!

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Fresh Store Builder V6

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May 192015

The Ultimate 30-Minute Amazon Store! Setup once and run hands-free forever or flip into manual and customize everything. Its rare to see a product line so successful that it makes it to version 6. Its long-term success has a lot to do with the fact that FSB stores rank higher in Google than any other Amazon store builder sites. Users will be able to automatically add products from Amazon, grab reviews, and choose from a huge range of professional templates and skins right out of the box. Some may consider the price tag on Fresh Store Builder v6 to be a bit on the steep end, but it includes many features and templates that many other vendors sell as individual products or a separate upsells, such as exit pop-ups and engaging opt-in forms. The best feature is where most Amazon store builders force you to work through Amazon Associates, Fresh Store Builder v6 can actually work with ANY affiliate network.

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Giant Video Kit Vol. 2

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May 172015

The BIGGEST and CRAZIEST video graphics firesale, that will make your Animation and Whiteboard videos stand out from the crowd… You will get HUNDREDS of creative item for your whiteboard video for pennies! Its perfectly compatible with Video Maker FX, Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio, Video scribe or even more traditional software like camtasia, powerpoint or keynote! And its packed with a step by step tutorial, so you can easily use it with your favorite video editor 🙂 This incredible deal is not going to last… So be sure to check it out right away!

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Affiliate Builder Plugin

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May 142015

Exactly what you need to build an army of affiliates. The Affiliate Builder WordPress Plugin Converts ordinary JV pages into super affiliate magnets that give your JVs all the tools they need to promote your products and make you more money. Watch The Full Plugin Demo!

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SocialNeos Plugin

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May 122015

SocialNeos is a brand new wordpress plugin with a new take on the concept of locking content to entice a user to complete an action… The site admin creates their campaign and gets a shortcode to lock their content, and that can be regular site content like text, or a video. Once they click to unlock, to watch the video for example, they need to share your content on facebook, twitter, linkedin or google+ for it to unlock. When they do this, the plugin captures their email so the benefits are two-fold: viral traffic and list building.
Its a tried and tested concept and SocialNeos makes it easier than ever.

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May 092015

For years now, hackers have been stealing affiliate videos, training videos, video products, sales videos and more together with all the traffic and money – and they have gotten away with it. Until Now… VidProtect Keeps your explainer, training or sales videos safe so they cant be posted anywhere else and if they are – you get all the traffic redirected to your site! Works with Youtube, S3 and more… 

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WP Clickster Plugin

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May 082015

The simple WordPress plugin that easily sets up your new WordPress blog exactly the way you want with just a few clicks. Its a huge time saver by clearing out or reconfiguring all the annoying default values for a new WordPress site. You can also create and publish all necessary (legal) pages, set up your website structure (pages and categories) and install all your favorite plugins with just a few clicks.

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