Tube List Pro Plugin

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Apr 302015

Tube List Pro is a wordpress plugin that allows you to gobble up fast, free Google traffic with push-button video curation and list building technology built right in. Now you can tap into the undying demand for video, without researching, writing, shooting, editing and licensing video content yourself. With this wordpress plugin you can INSTANTLY turn your blog into an SEO friendly, lead generating, content packed video blog that AUTOMATICALLY builds your list for you!

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Mobile Optimize Pro Plugin

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Apr 292015

A powerful plugin that makes any WordPress site mobile friendly in a single click, while allowing you to keep your current theme and site layout and yet when Google sends it’s bot to inspect your site – it will be 100% mobile friendly compliant. Take advantage of the new algorithm update… And use it to top Google… WITHOUT work… With the ONLY software designed to pass Googles Mobile Friendliness Test… Check out all of the details – and how to make sure YOUR SITES pass the test, right here:

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Video Maker Toolkit V2

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Apr 292015

This best selling video and graphics bundle is back, and its better than ever! You will get:

* Animated Video Backgrounds
* Live Footage Videos
* Powerpoint Templates
* Color Whiteboard SVG Graphics
* B&W Whiteboard SVG Graphics
* Emotion Whiteboard SVGs
* Cartoon Characters
* Cutout People HD Photos
* Background Images
* HD Background Makers
* Audio Files


Grab it here with your Discount and Bonuses:

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Effortless FB Profits

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Apr 282015

Facebook Is Everywhere, on Every Device and That Is How We Manage To Use This EXACT Super Simple Step-By-Step Blueprint To Make Regular $374.62 Every Single Day From FREE Facebook Visitors and Dirt Cheap Paid Traffic With Over 2411% ROI! In a nutshell, Effortless FB Profits teaches you everything you need to know about driving huge, targeted traffic from Facebook using both free and paid traffic. It does not matter where in the world you are located or your level of expertise. Anyone can apply these strategies simply, easily and effectively; in just a few minutes per day…

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Insight Hero

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Apr 242015

Insight Hero will completely revolutionize the speed and effectiveness at which you can launch highly targeted, highly profitable Facebook campaigns. It allows you to dive deep into hidden markets and target people on Facebook like never before – and like your competition simply cant. Its the first tool ever of its kind, turning what used to take hours into a simple process that takes just mere minutes. No matter your niche, if there is a way to target it on Facebook, Insight Hero will find it and unearth virtually every relevant interest, job, employer, major and more with the click of a button.

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Apr 192015

Adding Live pop-up chats and messaging functions on your sales pages and other sales funnel pages helps a lot with conversions. This new software PopChat makes this technology simpler and more affordable than ever before, AND it works on ANY Site (not only WP sites so there is opportunity for Offline too). Use PopChat for yourself in your sales funnels, consulting application form pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages, blog posts, video pages, etc. Use it for your clients by Providing a sales-funnel-and-conversion service and use it in their funnels too. Or you could rent out lead-generation pages/funnels to clients with
PopChat on them to get your clients even more leads that they will pay you for.

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Cliks It Software

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Apr 152015

Cliksit lets you share any content or link as you would normally but you can now monetize the clicks. You could advertise your own products or affiliate offers or even use it to build a list. For example:  With Cliksit you could share an article, on Twitter or Facebook, from an authority site such as the New York Times talking about the latest diet and at the same time you can show an offer/optin or video right on the link you just shared.

Plus you can track everything from where your clicks are coming from, what countries, what social media they are using and if they also click on any of your offers. There are a lot of cool features to check out and were sure you will come up with some smart ways to use it.  Click Here Now To Get Your Bonuses…

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Call That Number

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Apr 142015

Call That Number is the affordable system that accepts calls, greets your callers, and routes their messages to any email or phone number (anywhere in the world) you choose. Call That Number can be set it up on unlimited websites and has natural text to speech, voice menu, multi-lingual and all other features you would want. THE BEST PART… you pay one price, no recurring or monthly fee. Most competing services charge a recurring or a high
fee approaching $497! But you get this at a steep 95% discount, but *Only Today*! Watch the video then call the DEMO number…

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Ultimate WordPress Branding

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Apr 132015

Ultimate WordPress Branding allows you to display your colors, logo, company name and brand messaging across you or your clients entire site. Removing or replacing the WordPress branding from login to logout without a line of code. It even works on multi-sites so that you can build or
rebrand your whole network of sites all at once in about 20 minutes! (Step-by-step training included.) But the best feature hands down is the ability to “push” your new products or services to your clients  directly through the dashboard area. Its from Luther Landro and Jimmy Reilly (Reilly Labs), so you know its high quality, and support is their NUMBER ONE priority on all of their projects.

Want to see more features? Watch the video here…

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Social Media Branding Graphics Pack

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Apr 102015

Social Media Branding will instantly create matching branding graphics across Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for you and your clients. Look what you get with this “done-for-you” collection:

– 15 Facebook Cover Templates
– 15 Twitter Cover Templates
– 15 Google Plus Cover Templates
– 15 Youtube Cover Templates
– 15 Flyer Cover Templates
– 15 eCover Templates
– 20 Professional Business Card Templates

It even comes with Developer/Commercial license for NO  extra cost.

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