WPSellMore Plugin

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Feb 112015

PayPal is not available in many countries. WPSellMore Plugin allows you to  bypass PayPal with another payment processor (2co.com, Clickbank, Stripe, etc.) so you can offer products to anyone, in any country and it does it all automatically! It even comes with a Developer license for a dirt cheap price…There is an OPTIONAL upgrade for Private Label Rights if you want to sell it as your OWN product too!

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Social Engage

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Feb 092015

The NEW Facebook Marketing Technology That Allows You to Collect Leads, Sell Products, Give Away Coupons, Discount Codes and Display Timed Offers Right Inside Facebooks Newsfeed! Works in Facebook Newsfeeds, Fanpages, Groups, Event Pages and Facebook TOS Compliant + Its Fully Mobile-Optimized. Watch the Video to See How Social Engage is Bringing 10x Profits and Revolutionizing Social Marketing in 2015…

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