Digital Product Machine

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Dec 312014

This Step-by-step Video Training System for creating and selling digital info products… This beginner friendly method from our trusted friend and respected internet authority, Alex Jeffreys, puts you in charge and takes you by the hand until you have an entire profit pulling machine working for you on autopilot. No expertise, technical skills or previous experience required.

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Premium Stock Photos End Of Year Annual Special

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Dec 312014

Ed Mercer and Norma Rickman have opened the doors to a package of OVER 7000 PREMIUM stock photos, for one low price! We all know that Premium images can cost $1, $5, $10 or more for EACH photo. But this package breaks down to PENNIES each and you can use them for practically anything! Save Over 50% on Stock Photos Until Midnight, January 2nd!

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Effortless Consulting Formula

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Dec 312014

Luther Landro has released the prized Effortless Consulting Formula which shows you how to pull high ticket clients with email only. You never have to speak to anyone! Forget $7 ebooks, this is where the real money is… Watch this 5 min presentation from Luther to see why… Now at a very special holiday price, he normally charges $97 each for these!

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IFTTT Backlinks Commando

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Dec 312014

Google is a wild beast! Cracking the first page has almost become impossible. With all the updates and new linking strategies it can take an infinite amount of time to get more than one site into the top 10. You HAVE TO have the right tools!

IFTTT Backlink Commando can secure multiple first page rankings for any keyword in 30 seconds, drive floods of laser-targeted, hungry buyers directly to your site, generate instant authority, trust and confidence with the search engines on almost complete autopilot!

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Rapid Ranker Plugin

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Dec 232014

5 seconds does not seem like a long time, unless you are spending that time looking at your browser waiting for a page to load… Rapid Ranker Plugin is the new WordPress plugin that will increase your page load speeds by over 500%. There is even a demo of a case study showing how quick and easy to do this is about half way down the page. *Note: You get full developers rights, so you can use this on as many of your own sites AND for as many of your clients sites as you want. AND you can use it on sites that you flip/sell!

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Pro Video Stingers

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Dec 222014

20 Professional made Video Stingers (short video clips that will compel your viewers to take action) that you can use for ANY TYPE OF VIDEO YOU CREATE. These stingers will make your viewers sit up, take notice, and ACT… Problem is… paying someone to customize your videos for can be VERY expensive… Which is why you will want to grab this INSANE offer for not just one… but **TWENTY** of these high-converting stingers. Dont miss out on the demo clip, where you can see them all in action…

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Social Directory

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Dec 212014

The really cool application that allows you to easily create Attenion Grabbing Directories Inside Your Fanpages in Mins! With themes for Affiliate marketing, Amazon Marketing and Offline/Local Businesses, you can use this for just about anything you want to promote. Its so easy you can set up now and have it earning for you even before the new year begins! Plus, its mostly done for you to keep the tech requirements to a minimum…

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Xmas Bundle Firesale

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Dec 212014

This Xmas Bundle includes 20 WordPress Themes, 18 WordPress Plugins and LOTS of Videos for Under $13… Valued at over $8,300 You Do NOT want to miss this!

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Video Rizer

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Dec 182014

Video Rizer is an incredible video software which enables you to generate leads and make sales directly from your videos! It integrates with YouTube enabling you to select any YouTube ( or .mp4) video, add on custom call to action apps, interactive splash images, Optin Boxes and even DELAYED BUY BUTTONS right above your Videos… Getting you HOT targeted LEADS in any niche which you can then turn into BUYERS!

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Motion Countdown Plugin

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Dec 172014

The slick and powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to create beautiful Countdown Timers INSIDE Your Emails in no time, boosting your clicks and sales right away. The moment someone opens your email they immediately see the timer ticking to zero, urging them to take action right away. This is perfect for ANYONE with an email list or who aspires to have an email list.

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