SpeedAffil WP Theme

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Aug 252014

The Lightning Fast Affiliate WP Theme With “Built-In” SEO! The innovative WordPress theme designed for affiliate marketers who want fast site setup without sacrificing load speed and SEO capabilities. All the search engine optimization is built right into the theme, so you can get top search results without plugins that bog your site down. Filling out a simple form produces a tightly focused single product website, without spending hours tinkering and tweaking. That means you can pump out websites easily and quickly day after day!

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Katoko WooCommerce WP Theme

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Aug 252014

New WooCommerce WP Theme W/Dev Lic For Your Online Store! The theme
that supports the FREE WooCommerce plugin, to develop elegant looking and reliable online stores. Not every theme is easily integrated with the FREE WooCommerce solution, this theme makes it easier for you to manage your online store and make your visitors enjoy the experience in your store. It comes with a Developer License so you can offer your clients the service to build their online store as well. This is on DIMESALE so you MUST ACT now, if you want to jump in at the LOWEST price possible…

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RestoBox System

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Aug 252014

New High-End Restaurant Ordering, Reservation and Coupon System Built Right Into A WP Theme! Brand New complete biz in a box niched for restaurants with Facebook, Mobile and Online Food Ordering, Reservation, Coupon and Event Management… It is mobile friendly and packed to the rafters with tons of super-cool features and useful content. Everything that a restaurant wants, needs or should have are all included in this ONE system. The price will be going up soon, so dont take too long deciding because the first people in will get the best bargain! This offer closes in less than 2 days!

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Mascot Creator Bundle

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Aug 252014

Over 500 Done for you creative graphics for videos, web,print or promotion projects…See whats inside:
– A very cool mascot creator (create your own mascot in few clicks)
– A handrawn style mascot creator too (great for handrawn video!)
– A TON of Powerful Marketing Graphics (icons, infographic templates)
– Source Files Including PSD
– Free Developer License
– Create UNLIMITED designs quickly and easily for personal and client use! A grand total of 500+ creative items ready to boost your conversions by up to 150%! It also comes with a step by step tutorial, that is ready to make you a mascot creator expert! Want the girl version? Its an optional upgrade on DIMESALE after your initial purchase. PLUS weve added even more value to this offer… See how here…

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Richard Wing’s JV Page

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Aug 242014

If you have a mailing list and would like
to Earn Instant Commissions, sign up for
our F.REE Affiliate Program here:

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WordPress VoIP Phone System

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Aug 242014

When it comes to having a professional image for your company or business, having a good quality phone system is a must. WordPress VoIP Phone System
is an affordable and simple WordPress plugin that creates a powerful phone system in minutes. It allows you to have a COMPLETE phone system at your
fingertips… Use the built in computer voice, or upload audio files of your own.
Lots of features – see the list and take it for a spin here…

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Clever YouTube WP Plugin

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Aug 242014

The WordPress plugin that talks directly to YouTubes API… allowing you to finally take control of how video is displayed on your website. Replace the ugly image with any image you want. You could use: Your Company Logo, An Appealing Call-To-Action, Or, Even Some Descriptive Text! Take command of the entire YouTube player, and control things like: The Play Button Color, The Video Size, And (Most Importantly) The Video Display Resolution. Did you even know that it is possible to play YouTube videos on your website at High Definition 720p? Well, it is indeed possible! (If you have the right tools.) Click the link now! And watch the two-minute video that explains how it all works:

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My Video Pal

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Aug 242014

The huge toolkit that’s packed with stunning animated swipe files, templates and resources that ANYONE can use to create videos using PowerPoint! You get:

– Anitmated Swipe Files
– Logo Inducer Swipe Files
– Office Theme Swipe Files
– Monster Sales Swipe Files
– Motion Background Swipe Files
– Powerpoint Video Templates
– And Many Other Resources

My Video Pal is on DIMESALE, so the price is going up with each sale. So make sure you grab it today before the price goes up any further!

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BackupBeast + 500 GB Storage

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Aug 082014

The fully Autopilot Online Backup Software that securely stores a backup of all your data online. No manual backups to external hard drives and lugging them around just in case something goes wrong. BackupBeast comes with 500GB of cloud storage included and you just pay a ONE TIME FEE. This is wayyyy better than Dropbox and… Very, very affordable. Now, lets compare… Dropbox costs $499 for 500GB online storage. How about we give you the same space PLUS great software for just 8 bucks? Never have to pay monthly or yearly fees again. Check Out This Special Offer Today…

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Aug 072014

There are SO MANY things this software does, and at its core, it automatically searches Facebook, YouTube AND Pinterest to find and retrieve viral content for you to post on your and/or your clients fan pages! And, you can also overlay skins for email opt-ins and all sorts of powerful marketing features! It also allows you to manage an UNLIMITED number of fan pages from right inside of the software AND its SO EASY to use that a 5-year old child can do it… Which means even if you are not technical at all, this software is for you! Use this software for yourself and/or charge clients a premium for managing their Fanpages!

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