Fresh Bundle Master

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Jul 072014

The WordPress Plugin that helps you create bundles of Amazon products and allows your visitors to buy all items in the bundle with one click – so you make multiple commissions instead of just one. For example… You have a website that reviews iPhones. Of course you have an affiliate link to an iPhone offer
on Amazon and you make a commission every time someone buys. But people who buy iPhones also need a case, headphones, car chargers, etc… Fresh Bundle Master allows you to bundle all of these together so you get a commission for each and every one of them! Check out the cool live video demo that COMPLETELY lays it all out for you (The bonuses show up first, then the video)…

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Vydeo Presenters Vol 1

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Jul 072014

With this brand new tool get access to 4 ready-to-go talking animated characters, with 5 animated poses for each. You Dont Need ANY ANIMATION skills or EXPERIENCE to create Vydeo Presenter Videos! Just a slideshow software like PowerPoint, and the Vydeo Presenter graphics! ANYONE can do it, even if you have NO experience! Included is a Quick & Easy To Follow 25 Minute Video Tutorial That Teaches You EVERYTHING You Need To Know.

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Give 2 Gain WP Plugin

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Jul 072014

A powerful WordPress plugin that takes advantage of the viral power of Social Media, by asking visitors to share an offer via Facebook or Twitter in order to unlock the download! When the offer is shared, an update is posted to the visitors Social Media profile for their friends and followers to see, this then drives their followers back to check out the offer… and the viral nature of this Social sharing plugin continues. This is deceptively simple, but genius at the same time!

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WP Pay By Sharing Plugin

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Jul 022014

The fastest way to generate 10,000 unique visitors to a brand new site without ads, SEO or ANY promotion! By simply providing great content that people want and requiring visitors to share BEFORE they can view it… Not only does this plugin work with Facebook, but also with Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, all from the same page! Its even completely compliant with Facebook Terms Of Service and unlike other plugins, it wont block search engines (so Google and other spiders can fully index your content)! Watch the video to see exactly how it works…

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