WP ViCom Plugin

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Jul 192014

The most flexible page builder for WordPress… Its a visual composer AND a comprehensive toolkit combined into one. Visualizes WordPress like LEGO Blocks!
Work with existing content or create new layouts… Reveals over 50 hidden
features within wordpress making your sites the most powerful out there… Poised to help thousands of people, newbies and seasoned pros, to build award winning sites and blogs without ANY coding or paying designers. Click here to see the features and demo…

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AtomBiz WP Theme

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Jul 172014

No matter whether you build sites for clients, your own affiliate sites, or anything else. You will want to see this extremely powerful WordPress theme. It has tons of
premium features. It also includes the dummy content, dummy theme settings and tutorial (both text and video). So you will be able to see your site live within minutes. The price wont stay very low for long. Its on DIMESALE and rising fast. Lock in your discount right away…

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WP Quick Launch Plugin

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Jul 172014

The WP Quick Launch plugin allows users to setup their WordPress site in a matter of minutes! This plugin will AUTOMATICALLY:

-Delete the Demo Posts, Pages and Comments
-Change the Permalink Structure to %PostName%
-Create An About, Contact and Privacy Policy Page
-Allow Users to Supply a List of Keywords and then Create A Page/Post For Each Keyword
-Add Relevant YouTube Videos To Each Page

…Basically, this plugin will setup your blog with the push of a button!

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Graphic Pro For Less

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Jul 162014

A suite of graphic generators that allow you to create unlimited Graphics For Your Videos… Perfect For Video Players and Video SoftwareThat Allow You To Upload Your Own Images! It even allows you to save your images to your computer, OR you can save them in the Gallery and access them from within your membership anytime you want. For a very limited time You are going to be able to get FULL ACCESS to Graphic Pro For Less for a small 1-time fee…

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Monkey Marketing Mastermind

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Jul 152014

The brand new package of five training videos created by top marketers Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason. These are seven-figure marketers who spend their days develop-ing and testing strategies. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned marketer, you are sure to find tips and tricks inside these videos that
will help you grow your business. The second cool thing about the Monkey Marketing Mastermind package is that you get resell rights to all five videos if you act now. Hurry, this offer ends on July 22nd, and you are gonna kick yourself if you miss it.

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Giant Marketing Kit Vol. 3

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Jul 142014

Maulana Malik Has lost his mind again! He has just released another crazy marketing tools firesale, a grand total of 895+ Marketing Tools and Graphics in FLAT DESIGN for less than 1 Penny Each! Everything you need to get started or improve an existing online business… its all here for one ridiculously low price! And the craziest part is: FREE developer license is included … But remember, its running on DIMESALE so get there now!

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Local Whiteboard Video Producer Vol. 3

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Jul 142014

Not only can you grab these 4 commercials at a rock-bottom price, you also get 4 additional commercials that you can use to actually sell these commercials to local businesses. The commercials were done in profitable, high-converting niches: Auto Repair, Painter, Carpet Cleaning Service, Day Care Service. This offer gives you the rights to take these commercials and sell them to local businesses, and keep 100% of the profits. You need to hurry though, because its on DIMESALE and the price is going up FAST!

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WP Hercules Plugin

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Jul 132014

The brand NEW WordPress plugin that creates complete list-building opt-in pages and money-making sales pages in under 5 minutes! Clean, responsive, professional pages that look like you outsourced them for $100s each! And you dont need any tech skills or marketing experience to use it. Click here to grab it now:

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Video Nova Plugin

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Jul 112014

VideoNova is a YouTube Player specially designed and coded for WordPress for customers to easily embed YouTube videos that does more than just increasing
traffic to a sales page, generating leads to a list and jacking up sales in a campaign. But it does more than just increase traffic to a sales page, generate leads to a list or jack up sales in a campaign… Watch This To See What We are Talking About…

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Offer Funnel

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Jul 092014

Offer Funnel is a new web-based software that builds an engaging and segmented list that converts better than anything you have ever seen before. With this software, you can create and manage survey campaigns and segment your list with very minimal effort on your part and you can even use this software to create custom offers based on customer feedback. The Offer Funnel software is lightweight, easy to use and is created to run multiple survey campaigns to your liking.

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