Underground Marketing Script

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Oct 242013

Protect your FREEBIE list building assets by preventing access to your free content. Because it is IP address based and requires a unique signup and confirmation for everyone that tries to reach your protected page, no one
else can gain access. You can provide a secret access code in a confirmation
email or you can give them a clue to locate the access code on any page anywhere. Does it have your head spinning yet? There is even an example for using the Underground Marketing Script to manage bonuses as an affiliate marketer.

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Insta-Portfolio Pro

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Oct 242013

A brand new Mobile Business Portfolio all set up with 4 new and exciting professional mobile landing page examples that you can easily customize in 30 minutes or less – and instantly SELL! The package includes lots of goodies: with quick start guide, templates, an advanced training webinar,
step-by-step tutorials and much much more.

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30 Minute List

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Oct 232013

The Fastest and Easiest List Building System… With A Twist! A new viral marketing system that is a complete business in a box, letting you build a list virally (5 X faster) and make commissions when you invite others to use 30 minute list using your referral link.

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URL Revolver Plugin

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Oct 232013

The WordPress plugin that lets you create a single page or post that redirects to as many links as you want… just one, for simple affiliate program redirects, or a list of many that it cycles through. But here is the cool part… Put a list of 10 URLs into an URL REVOLVER page and send traffic to it… URL REVOLVER will spread the traffic evenly to each link! Perfect for quick split testing (e.g., see which affiliate program converts your traffic best), link and referrer cloaking, SEO and more!

**Looking for A Stand Alone Version that is not a WordPress Plugin and has even MORE functionality? Try our Redirect On Steroids V4 Promote ALL your products from ONE central location while building a Massive Marketplace at the same time! Use overlays, split-test your links, track and cloak your links, add RSS Feeds to other sites, and so much more….

==>> http://supersellertools.com/r/t/27470/tid-sst

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Article Buddy

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Oct 232013

Truly a one of a kind software and it is nothing short of revolutionary.. Unlimited CONTENT with a few clicks! It invisibly rewrites articles and turns them into 100% unique content, and there is even more to it, as it converts any Youtube video into text. Passes Copyscape each time 100%. Everybody online needs unique, quality content! Works with Windows and Mac!

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Ama Suite 3.0

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Oct 222013

AmaSuite 3.0 is a set of three desktop software Amazon research tools – Keyword Generator, Product Inspector, Top 100 Analyzer. And a fourth software tool, a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly create content for the products you have found using the three research tools. All together these four software tools provide the ability to more quickly research and determine which products are worth promoting as an Amazon affiliate along with which niches you should move into.

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Social Bribe Plugin

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Oct 222013

The newly released plugin that encourages your website visitors to leave a comment and SHARE your content on a choice of social platforms in order to receive a gift. The gift you offer them can be anything: a report, video course, a graphics packs, etc. It works across the whole blog (no shortcodes for each post) just set and forget… The PRO version also allows users to collect leads and build a list.

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Solo Ad Black Book

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Oct 212013

Millionaire marketer Matt Bacak is doing the nearly UNTHINKABLE… Revealing the REAL results from TONS of solo ad sellers… From his actual solo ad purchases (which amounts to a $250,000 budget a MONTH!). Let us face it, buying solo ads from the RIGHT sellers can practically put you on EASY street…fast… Now, Matt puts that power into your hands…solo ad sellers rated & graded, in an easy-to-use format.

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List Detonator V2.0

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Oct 212013

Martin O’ Flynn aka MAO FLYNN has finally lifted the lid on how he makes over $20,000 per month on autopilot using his cutting edge list building/email marketing tactics… List Detonator V2.0 is a REVOLUTIONARY course that will show you how to take the money from your list while making them very happy while you do it…

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WP Hotel Pro Theme

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Oct 182013

The ultimate WordPress theme for Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts and other local accomodation businesses. The local competition is fierce and all to often, we run across a local hotel or guesthouse that does not have the means to take bookings from their own site… This is a beautiful theme and it has tons of features… Take a closer look here…

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