Marketers Graphics Package Bonus

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Oct 312013

This new graphics pack comes with 25 modules filled withall kinds of quality graphics tools and templates like:
– Full sales page templates
– Squeeze page templates
– Web headers
– Vector Character Designs
– Facebook Timeline Covers
– And much more..
PLUS You will get FIVE bonus MYSTERY modules… Bonus TRAINING videos worth at LEAST $500… AND the 8 Module BONUS Package!

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Instant Legal Pages Software

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Oct 302013

The friendly desktop software that spits out all of your legal pages, and support desk link, in less than a minute! Watch the video to see it in action…
It comes with a full Developer License, so you can use it on unlimited sites that you own, Unlimited Client sites, and even on sites that you Sell/Flip! Attention Resellers: There is also a Resale Rights option that allows you to sell this software from your own website, and keep all profits!

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Curation Soft 3.0

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Oct 302013

We all know as marketers, creating content is like pulling TEETH… Curation Soft is the Adobe Air software that allows you to populate your site with high quality content in a matter of minutes. Just Drag and drop fresh, relevant content from various sources and curate that content (GOOGLE eats this up). And what is really cool is that the quality of content you will be able to provide your visitors will quickly turn them into regulars.

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Google+ Marketing Made Easy Guide & Video Training

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Oct 292013

The Brand New complete step-by-step training guide created to show you exactly how you can easily, correctly and safely position your online or offline business on Google+ in the fastest way possible. The LATEST and most EFFECTIVE techniques will position your business for a whole new level of success. If you grab this offer today, a whole bunch of great FREE bonuses, including a mind map and cheat sheet will also be included.

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WP InstaLegalPages Plugin

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Oct 292013

This plugin auto creates 9 Legal Pages (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclosure, etc) for your WordPress site, so you can have your website start running your profitable business faster. It even has the ability to automatically add the Amazon Disclosure Satement text to your website
footer. (All Amazon Associates are required to have this disclosure/disclaimer statement. Supports 7 Amazon Associate Programs.)

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WP Blog Updater

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Oct 292013

If you do any blogging at all, then you will want to get your hands on this desktop application that will let you Update ALL your blogs At ONCE with just a few clicks! Thats right no matter whether you have 1, 100 or 1,000 you can load them all up and update them ALL by clicking ONE button. Its in your best interest to check this out for such a low price, really – you will kick yourself if you miss it!

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Social Group Infiltrator

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Oct 282013

It is a super powerful WordPress Plugin that allows you to harnesses the power of Facebook Groups to showcase your affiliate offers and build your traffic. It goes way beyond others you have seen… And here is why… It allows you to auto-post messages on facebook without being banned for spamming. The really clever bit is the fact that you can monitor your posts and re-schedule them if facebook thinks you are posting too often. And it is super easy to use!

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200+ Web Ready Marketing Graphics

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Oct 282013

These graphics are top notch quality, super professional and ready for your website or editor, these graphics are the BOMB! You have seen the info-graphic style graphics that are sweeping the net for offliners, but this guy has combined the look of offline infographics with online web graphics and the outcome is GORGEOUS!

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Wp-GoMo Plugin

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Oct 262013

Creates high quality optin and squeeze pages on the FLY! Easily editable and prepopulated (templates) make it simple for ANYONE to create pages that will rival the PROS!
* No tech or coding skills needed
* Easy to use templates allow you to create your masterpieces in a snap!
* Custom Contemporary Mobile Responsiveness
* 29 professional page backgrounds
* 8 template styles
Because it is brand new, for a limited time, Sherman is giving a 70% discount, making this less than $10!

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Viral Traffic Splice Plugin

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Oct 242013

The wordpress plugin that integrates with Facebook to allow you to post customized surveys within the Facebook newsfeed. Your survey question can have as little as two answers, and as many as four. The true power of the plugin lies in the ability to drive visitors to a specific URL based on their answer to the survey question. This is perfect for segmenting your Facebook traffic into highly targeted email lists, affiliate offers, products and CPA offers.

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