Dropbox Delivery App – BETA ENTERPRISE Release

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Aug 222013

A Custom Content Delivery App for Dropbox Subscriptions that allows users to subscribe to a folder in your dropbox account, and get all the new content as soon as you upload it! You cant buy an out-of-the-box solution like this

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Reputation Management Madness

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Aug 212013

Over 150 different sales materials! All these materials have been tried and tested in the field and will help you gereate leads, present to your clients, and ultimately CLOSE THE DEAL! You get everything you need… From the basic sales training to all the materials needed to promote your business as an authority in the Reputation Management field…

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FB AmzShop Creator

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Aug 212013

This is an Easy and Simple System to Create Niche Amazon Affiliate Stores in your Facebook Page and Turn it into a 24/7 Money Making Machine. Even a newbie can build an Affiliate Store Facebook page within a few minutes. If you know how to fill a form and Click Mouse buttons, then you can use this App. There is nothing to Copy, Paste, Upload or Install. Everything can be managed from App installed in your Facebook Page.

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WP Sonic Impact Plugin

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Aug 202013

Transforms ANY page on your wordpress site into a high-converting landing page using customizable images and sounds. By generating Skype Style, Facebook Style, Twitter Style, LinkedIn Style…in fact, ANY style pop-up! Use ANY image, ANY button image AND whatever sounds you want! These pop ups are really clever! And to make it SUPER SIMPLE for you, a range of ready-made templates for both the pop-up images AND the buttons are included!

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Instant Infographics Presence

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Aug 202013

A full blown ONLINE infographics creator that is INCREDIBLY fast and super easy to use… It is completely drag and drop AND comes with over 500 graphics, icons and logos (pie charts, bar charts, labels, patterns and more) BUILT right INTO the software! And of course you can always upload your own images! Not only can you create your own infographics to drive traffic, but now you can also offer a highly IN DEMAND solution to clients ONLINE and OFFLINE. Watch the video yourself to see how Fast and Simple it is…

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Niche Supremacy

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Aug 192013

This training program will show you step by step how to create authority sites that are IMMUNE from SEO Updates… No Matter What Niche You Are In.
Create websites that Google loves, and get highly targeted traffic with little to no effort. Everyone who has had access to the course so far is RAVING… Take a few minutes to check this one out.. You WILL be glad you did!

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Email Secret Weapon

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Aug 192013

1,001 Rock Solid, Split Tested, Open-Rate Increasing Subject Lines you can adapt, tweak, customize and fully utilize for your own money making emails! Grab a millionaire marketers ACTUAL split-test results… And his BEST subject lines for over 3 years! This is a VERY rare offer… And with email open rates dropping… VERY timely! Swipe files like this can DRAMATICALLY improve your results FAST… a very WORTHWHILE and PROVEN shortcut. Act fast, and you will also get his SUPER bonus… How To Write Promotional Emails FAST… EVEN if there are no swipes.

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Nexius Theme

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Aug 172013

The next big time, super cool, easy to use, responsive, professional looking and feature packed theme on the market. If you do any sort of Online Marketing, from Web Design to Affiliate, to Hobby and Magazine sites… You Need This Theme On Your Team!

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Arbitrage Underdog

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Aug 152013

In short, a Fiverr/Craigslist arbitrage Smart-Bot unlike anything else on the market. developed by beating the Gurus at their own game; giving the IM underdogs the upper hand. See Arbitrage Underdog flex some real muscle… Watch how anyone, with no experience, can easily make MAJOR profits
with it…

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WP Chit Chat Plugin

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Aug 152013

This plugin allows you to host LIVE chat on your or your clients blog, and even have multiple chats at once. In order for a user to chat with you if you are online, they need to enter their email (subscribe!). If you are offline, they can enter their email to leave a message (subscribe!). This plugin is INGENIOUS and its Perfect for Your Clients Sites as well as Your Offline Lead-Gen Sites or online websites. Build Trust, Raise Conversions, Generate Leads and Build Lists all at once!

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