FB Ad Maker

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Aug 302013

Is a Dead simple One Click Adobe Air App that lets you buiild Ready to Run facebook ads in just seconds, bringing down your ad cost by 90%. Create your first ad – or multiple ads, all with the same click. No sizing, No Photoshop, No Programming. Just enter your text in a box, pick the image from your computer, then click the Generate Ad button. 5 Done-for-you campaigns are included to help you get started right away! Save time, increase conversions and make money with this powerful Never-Before Seen Software.

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WP Night Club Theme

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Aug 292013

Designed and created for local nightclubs, bars and entertainment businesses. This is the perfect theme for anyone looking to build killer sites for these types of clients. This theme can be customized to match and fit any business and is stacked with features to benefit any local nightclub, bar or entertainment business lik… Event Promotion Slider, Music Player, Ticket Purchasing From The Site, Gallery, Google Map Directions, Social Links,
Testimonial Widgets, SEO Options And lots More… This theme is RESPONSIVE so its MOBILE FRIENDLY too!

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FB Profit Tactics

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Aug 282013

A Complete System for Generating daily paydays with Facebook. You can add this as a new revenue stream… If you are already succeeding in other places… Or this can be your very first revenue stream if you are just getting
started. Perfect for ANYONE at ANY experience level! Its awesome. Its relevant, and its something we all need to know, whether you are ready to take action today or not!

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OverPress WP Theme

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Aug 282013

Allows you to create unique layouts using a revolutionary and easy drag and drop layout builder from right inside your WordPress Admin. Built with the latest programming technology for responsiveness (fits any screen size). The drag and drop layout builder is the first of its kind and it also has a plethora of other features. Create endless unique and powerful web sites, mobile sites, sales pages and more, to take your business to the next level!

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27 Animated PowerPoint Video Templates

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Aug 272013

Catch your visitors attention with 27 beautifully designed animated Power Point Video Templates that add interest and action to your (or your clients) websites, products, Facebook, blogs, etc. All templates include both Personal & Developer License. So you can create your own videos for personal use or
videos for clients. Watch all 27 templates here now before the price rises any more…

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Savage Siphon

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Aug 272013

The system that uses a unique direct mail technique that allows you to focus on a specific group of prospects, while generating up to a 40% response rate from your efforts. Here’s how it works: Instead of spending hours in “bulk” prospecting (mass emailing, cold calling, etc) these guys (and gal) flipped the script. They only focus on about 40 or so prospects at a time. Once they select their prospects, they use a unique tactic that fuses an old school direct mail trick with the technology of today. The best part is – It Does not require hours upon hours of your time, you will never have to cold call or chase around your prospects… because they will happily contact you!

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WP Short Code PRO Plugin

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Aug 262013

This plugin adds 24+ shortcodes to your site allowing you to add tons of killer features to your sites in seconds. Features like: Headlines, Image Frames, Boxes, Buttons, Dividers, Testimonials, Highlights, Fancy links, Youtube Videos, Sliders And MUCH, MUCH More! The best part is, for the next 48 hours you will get full PLR & Resale licenses (Salespage Included) at no additional charge!

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YouTube Business in a Box PLR

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Aug 262013

Grab the Private Label Rights to this step-by-step YouTube Marketing Training on the hottest Video Marketing topic for business. It has all the sales materials you need to start selling your own product within hours! PLUS, you wont believe the bonuses that go along with it!

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Adsense Armageddon

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Aug 262013

This HUGE course includes everything you need to get started with Adsense today. Have your first site up by the end of the day and start getting traffic and making money in no time. An INSANELY simple and ONLY five step process! Forget about all the crappy and spammy techniques of building Adsense sites. And, the best part… you will get passive income month after month, plus you will also learn how to scale it to build a HUGE EMPIRE of authority sites!

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WP Cliff Hanger Plugin

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Aug 262013

The first of it’s kind plugin that allows you to create “Cliff Hanger” Salespages and Squeeze pages with point and Click ease. Cliff Hanger copies are proven to convert like crazy and are underused in our industry. WP Cliff Hanger helps you create pages that will interact with your readers. You can ask questions, prompt them to click a link before they see the price and lot more.

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