Skype Landing Page Package

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Jul 222013

Use this SWEET landing page package to build your Skype contacts and rooms just like an email list… While your competition struggles to get their email delivered, lost in the sea of SPAM… You are speaking to prospects LIVE via Skype chat, calls, video and broadcasts! This is brand new, cutting edge technology…once this takes off, email marketing will seem like Snail Mail compared to marketing with Skype.

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Optin Emperor Plugin

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Jul 222013

A WordPress Plugin with a slick UI and step-by-step wizard for building high converting splash pages just like all the big boys… Smacking these high converting splash pages on your blog is the FASTEST and MOST AGGRESSIVE way to build your list with laser-targeted and super-responsive subscribers!

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URL Shotgun

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Jul 192013

A desktop software that takes a single URL and blasts it to one, two, 10, 20, even 40+ different link shortening services. You get a list of the results in seconds, ready to copy from or save as a text file… …Faster than you could do ONE link the old manual way. This is a revolutionary timesaver for link builders!

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Video Curation Pro

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Jul 182013

This amazing piece of software curates ALL your video content for you and automatically creates and uploads as many videos as you have keywords you want to rank for. And it’s not a worthless video spam fest, either… Right out of the box, people are getting results and RAVING how well these videos rank in Youtube and organically through Google searches.

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PulseHover Plugin

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Jul 172013

This revolutionary plugin will triple your blog traffic by compelling people to share your content and images on social media. But, it does a whole lot more than that, watch the video below to see this powerful plugin in action… In less than 24 hours the price will start going up… FAST! Go NOW before the price goes up!

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Click Jacker 1.5 Plugin

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Jul 172013

With the Click Jacker plugin, you can “hijack” ANY web page – a news story, a blog post, anything at all – and insert ads in pop-up boxes that can’t be missed…
* Show a CPA offer related to the article topic.
* Show your own opt-in form.
* Show a special offer for your own product.
We aren’t crazy about the name, and you’re NOT really hijacking anything (that didn’t already belong to you)… You’re merely maximizing your opportunities to earn on many of the activities you already do.

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EngageRocket Plugin

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Jul 162013

The FIRST WordPress plugin that allows you to leverage the Facebook Open Graph. They’ve taken the FB marketing strategies large brands are using like MapMyRun and Spotify (ie: Ryan just ran 3.42 miles using MapMyRun or Sarah is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify) and brought it to all Marketers. Leveraging the open graph involves a lot of programming and technical skills. Which is why they have pre-configured + pre-approved actions already created that are approved by Facebook: Join a Product Launch, Claim a Giveaway, Claim a Free Gift, Attend a Webinar, Attend a Hangout, More Coming Soon…

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Rapid Content Wizard

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Jul 152013

The most powerful and innovative content creation software EVER devised. It completely ELIMINATES the need for time consuming manual content building and it is so simple and effective that you can use it right from your desktop. The propitiatory “Content Fusion” engine generates the ultimate “FUSION” content from top ranking articles, relative videos, eye-catching images and profitable products from across the web, combines it in a unique and powerful way and posts it directly to your blogs on autopilot… Not only that, it can promote all your content as well… This does EVERYTHING for you… All in a matter of SECONDS…

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Video Responder Pro Plugin

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Jul 142013

This plugin takes the power of video and adds list building capability, which makes it a turbocharged list building combo. Use this plugin to give away free stuff, get buyers to your product so that you can capture their email, even if they don’t buy. Capture leads from your affiliate sites, review sites, ecommerce sites, sales pages… The list goes on and on… You can even capture leads for your offline clients.

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