Offline Marketing Graphics Pack

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Jul 302013

Are you looking for a complete set of marketing graphics you can use in your campaigns? We got you covered! Check out these high quality and professionally designed graphics…

For only $13 you get access to:
-125 High Quality Marketing Graphics – use these graphics to promote your services. (Local SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and Reputation Management)
-300+ Attention Grabbing Promotional Banners – use these banners to promote your clients’ businesses. (TOTAL OF 30 NICHES)
-PSD files so you can customize, edit and change the branding (website, logo, phone number, etc.)

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Mobile Site Machine – Tap to Call Edition

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Jul 292013

The mobile software that lets you create $499 mobile sites with just a couple of clicks and with 15 pre-made color styles literally in minutes… This is probably the easiest software to use, and even though most mobile site creators are $99/month Dave is giving the farm away for less than $15 (But only if you hurry)! It requires absolutely ZERO tech knowledge so you can position yourself as a mobile consultant right off the bat.

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Instant Ebook Presence

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Jul 292013

A 100% online WYSIWYG editor, so it will work for you whether you are on Mac or PC. In short, it allows you to create an unlimited amount of eBook covers for next to nothing. Now you don’t have to pay thousands for a Photoshop license… and there’s no need for action scripts! It also comes with a free developers license so you can make money on Fiverr or with your clients!

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Kindle Book WordPress Theme

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Jul 252013

The Book Theme is a modern, future-proof design that helps you stand out from among hundreds of thousands of other books. It will instantly transform your boring old WordPress site into a fully featured beautiful web presence that makes you look like a six figure author.

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Jul 252013

Whether you are a blogger, web marketer, webmaster, niche marketer or a local marketer sooner or later you’re going to need graphics. Get more graphics than you know what to do with, INCLUDING PSD design files for editing! 3 SICK GFX Packs… Sales Page Graphics, Header, Cover and Ad Graphics & 3D Covers and Product Mock-ups. 9300 graphics in total (Over 2GB)…

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Squeeze Page Genie

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Jul 242013

The Awesome WordPress plugin that enables you to create Professional Squeeze Pages in under 5 minutes flat and build a cash-on-demand subscriber list even if you have ZERO tech skills! (Don’t have WordPress or don’t know how to make a site with it? No problem…we walk you through step-by-step and you’ll be up & running in minutes.) And it’s theme-independent which means it works with ANY WordPress theme and it won’t mess up your existing posts and pages. What caught our eye was the way these pages look… Check out the sample pages here…

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Skype Landing Page Package PLR

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Jul 242013

[**NEW – JUST ADDED PLR] Skype Landing Page Package + Easy Deal Builder Export + BONUSES! Use this SWEET landing page package to build
your Skype contacts and rooms just like an email list… While your competition struggles to get their email delivered, lost in the sea of SPAM… You are speaking to prospects LIVE via Skype chat, calls, video and broadcasts! This is brand new, cutting edge technology… Once this takes off, email marketing will seem like Snail Mail compared to marketing with Skype. Only FIFTY total copies of PLR will be sold, and they will go fast. Get your copy NOW!

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Countdown Dynamite Plugin

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Jul 242013

The WordPress plugin that creates countdown timers that you can put on your WordPress sites. These timers create REAL urgency and make your visitors take action on your offers… You can set the timer to expire on a specific date, create one-time-offers, or have evergreen “dynamic countdowns” where you give EACH visitor that comes to your site, say, 30 minutes to take an action… You can also have a completely DIFFERENT counter on EACH post and page of your site. PLUS To add even more value to this offer, we put together an Amazing One-Time WordPress Bonus for you…

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LocalBiz Vortex 2.2

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Jul 232013

The Ultimate Local Business and Niche Website Builder! Fully responsive for all browser sizes, tablets and smartphones! When it comes down to creating websites that really work to generate results for local business, then the need to use the best website building tool that you can find becomes paramount. With 34 new features since V1.0 including more styling controls and a host of new functions it is ready to morph itself into virtually any style of presentation you choose. Customizable features give it the versatility to make every site you create look distinctively unique to each business or niche.

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Sales Press Pro 2.0 WP Theme

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Jul 232013

This is without a doubt the most advanced WP Theme for Internet Marketers… Hands down. Not only do you get all the features of version 1, but you also get the Next Generation of integration with the most powerful video and marketing scripts available online. Check it out for yourself and we think you will agree… It is a MUST HAVE tool for doing what we do all day long…

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