Graphics Grab

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Jun 132013

Grab over 275 sales page graphics you can use today with a lifetime DEVELOPERS license for under $9! But only if you hurry! These graphics would cost you thousands if purchased through traditional stock websites.

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Looney Vector Graphics

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Jun 122013

180 (total) Individual Vector Images in PDF and PNG format of a Business Male, Business Female, Casual Male, Casual Female and a Middle Aged Male (36 of each) holding various objects in various poses including signs, money,
boxes, devices, whiteboards, iPhones, Tablets, etc… This is the “Business/Casual Character Edition” PLUS the legal rights to use them as you wish.

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Slide 2 Video Pro

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Jun 122013

A Windows Desktop Software that allows users to create high quality slide show videos with text and images. The software uses the Microsoft Text To Speech engine to add (if required) voice to the video. Videos can be created
in AVI, FLV and MP4 formats with up to 1080 HD quality output. The software is extremely fast, videos that last 10 minutes can be created in less than 1 minute.

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The MobiLead Method

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Jun 122013

A step-by-step automated approach to creating your own buyer traffic for massive and high-paying business growth, open to entrepreneurs of all types who have the ability to make their own smart decisions. You’ll soon be able to make high dollar sales without ever having to meet a client face to face if you don’t want to. Whether you make this your sole lead-gen method or simply add it to your arsenal and let a VA take care of it for you… this will add to your bottom line and lead to your paying clients seeing you as indispensable.

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Responsive AdSense Ads Plugin

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Jun 102013

A WordPress plugin that lets you specify multiple Google AdSense ad sizes for a particular location in your responsive WordPress theme. When the page is loaded, it will choose the best ad size to display, based on the current width of the ad container. Ads can also be placed in your template using
the provided widget, shortcode, or template tag.

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Jun 102013

FanBoom is a completely hosted platform that uses a collection of 62 Themes, Plugins And Apps that have been carefully selected, tweaked and optimized to allow you to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with Facebook Pages. From contests, to squeeze pages, to sales pages, to a STORE, to countdowns, to Fan-Gates… Think of it like for Facebook pages. All the technical things like SSL and Facebook Apps have been placed in the background so you don’t need to worry about them. Just signup, create your content then publish to your Facebook page. It couldn’t be simpler.

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Webinar Express

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Jun 102013

Webinar marketing is no longer some sort of novelty; rather, it is now a necessary and important compononent of every internet marketers sales funnel, wether for online or offline marketers, that can earn up to 2-5 times more income than a traditional sales page!

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WPSensei Security Suite WordPress Plugin

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Jun 092013

This exclusive software will take you by the hand and guide you through the exact steps you need to take in order to protect your sites from 99+% of hacks then performs all of them automatically! With the ability to automatically perform 35+ security procedures, it’s the #1 Solution of WP users for ALL of your and your client’s security needs with only a few clicks! Every WordPress user, no matter the niche needs this plugin.. it goes above and beyond the call of duty… It is simple enough for a total beginner and robust enough for the most seasoned of wp users…

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Video Branding Templates

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Jun 072013

8 Easy To Edit Video Intro and Matching Subscriber Boosting Outro Power Point Templates certain To Boost Your Credibility & Subscribers! Simply change fonts, background images, text colours and audio to create hundreds of video intros and outros! All the creative work is already done. You don’t need to worry about animation sequences… Music and images included! Just edit, export and upload! No Expensive Software Needed!

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