50 Silhouette Angels

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Jun 252013

These 50 Silhouette characters are vector graphics and can be blown up to 6000% or more without losing their quality. Use them in any project you want… just don’t sell them as is or give them away!

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InstaMember Plugin

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Jun 242013

The wordpress plugin that takes the hassle out of creating membership sites and gives you everything you need to build a high-volume membership site in one place, at the push of a button, that pay month in and month out… whether you are working or not! So simple and streamlined that ANYBODY can use it to get a membership site up and running from the very first day!

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Azon Insta Review Plugin

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Jun 212013

It’s no secret that there is a ton of money to be made with Amazon Affiliate Review Sites. But, don’t you hate writing product reviews? The Azon Insta Review Plugin will save you TONS of time. This wordpress plugin allows you to literally create a unique product reviews in less than two minutes by pulling data from different Amazon listings. Plus it’s all unique and unspun!

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WP Content Lockdown Plugin

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Jun 212013

The most intuitive and innovative plugin that locksdown and protects your products from Black hatters who share your work on these ruthless sites. This plug in is very easy to configure its literally tick and flick easy to use to protect all your content. WP Content Lockdown redirects all the links on external sites… Let me explain… Black hatters share your download link on their filthy site –> your content is available for free and instant download BUT not if you have WP Content Lockdown… The plugin knows If that link is on an external site and once clicked it will redirect to another page. So instead of that link going to your download page it now goes to any page you want to. Like a Sales page, custom page – You could have a page that says F8&k you for trying to steal my content dude! Or you could make a video saying “Dude! If you need free info then grab my 7 days to success ebook on the below link!”, LinkedIn Page, Youtube Channel, Have some fun and send them to the FBI website, you could even convert some of that traffic into subscribers.

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Traffic Rush System

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Jun 202013

Alex Jeffreys has just released a brand new Traffic system which is responsible for millions of dollars in sales for him and his clients and he’s NEVER relied on SEO or Google… For less than the price of a ticket to go to the movies – Alex is peeling back the curtain of his 7 figure business
and showing you EXACTLY how he’s able to send tens of thousands of visitors to his website in a single day… For FREE… And bank hundreds of thousands of dollars PROFIT in the process.

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Authority Pro 3.0 Plugin

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Jun 192013

Now instead of having to replace your existing Theme (like OptimizePress, which many marketers use), you can ENHANCE any theme with the Authority Pro 3.0 Plugin, the WordPress plugin that includes a step-by-step wizard for easily building out everything from simple squeeze/landing pages, to full-blown Marketing Funnels, without ANY technical knowledge. By Using simple Drag-and-Drop editable Layout Widgets, Page Widgets, Content Widgets and Action Widgets. PLUS, it’s mobile-friendly/responsive design allows it to be viewed in all desktop browsers and mobile devices.

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White Label Firesale

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Jun 192013

Edmund Loh and Khai Ng are releasing $539,192.38 worth of PLR products for only $37! That’s 457 Private Label Rights titles including e-books, videos, audio, and much more. They are mostly about personal development and Internet Marketing titles. There’s only one catch though: this sale will run for 7 days only. After that the Sale will be removed PERMANENTLY.

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WP Offliners Theme V2

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Jun 172013

A Sexy Lead Generation WordPress Theme with a brand new design and unlimited color options, that will accomodate ANY Niche! The DEVELOPER LICENSE is included, so you can use it for your sites or your client’s sites. See all the features and demo here…

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