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Aug 242012

Finally, A WSO For BOTH Offline And Online Marketers! This is something EVERY marketer is going to want to grab… FOR OFFLINE MARKETERS… Learn a new and powerful mobile marketing method for creating and sending SMS/text messages for FREE instead of paying SMS providers per message! …AND… FOR ONLINE MARKETERS… Use This Never-Before-Revealed FREE Online Resource For Converting eMail Messages Into SMS/Text Message Marketing Campaigns.

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Good Karma Press Plugin

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Aug 232012

The first “list intelligence” plugin that is SMART enough to tailor a message to your visitor based on if they are a subscriber or not. If they are… they receive a social sharing incentive to tell their friends about your content. If they are not… they receive a opt-in form to join your list.

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GPlus Pulse Plugin

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Aug 222012

The FIRST plugin to post from your WordPress blog, to Google+, on complete AUTOPILOT. This new plugin uses the lastest cutting edge tehnology available and doesn’t rely on loopholes, so it won’t suddenly stop working one day.

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Mobile Reputation Barrier

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Aug 212012

A complete review and reputation management system that you have full control over. Business owners provide their customers with a flyer encouraging them to scan a QR tag and rate their experience… By directing users to your own feedback and rating system you can add that extra layer of protection, while also building up a collection of good reviews. Offer to restaurants, bars, salons, and any other other offline business for a nice start up fee plus a solid monthly fee.

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WP Ad Manager Pro Plugin

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Aug 212012

Creates FULL FEATURED Banner Ad management system inside your WordPress blog. With this plugin you can control EVERY aspect of advertising on ANY WordPress powered website… Click below for the incredible feature list…

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WSO Pre-Launch Contest Plugin

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Aug 202012

WSO Pre-Launch Contest Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create WSO pre-launch contests in seconds. Set a couple options, give your contest a name, and place the contest shortcode anywhere on your pre-launch page along with anything else you might be doing like an early bird optin list. Although it’s designed for WSO’s, it can be used for any any contest.

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ConTwest – Twitter Contest Plugin

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Aug 202012

ConTwest Plugin creates Twitter Contests in under 60 seconds. Until now, there has never bee an easy, straight forward way to run contests using Twitter. No ‘scary’ permissions for your participants to agree to. Setup a contest in under a minute and host an unlimited number of contests on the same site.

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Simple Video Pro

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Aug 202012

Simple Video PRO is a WordPress plug-in (but the videos you create with it can be embedded just about anywhere) that provides all types of functionality for videos. Cool stuff like:

– Embed videos on your site with YOUR affiliate links

– Allows your site visitors to embed YOUR videos (even YouTube videos) with all the logos, ads, buy buttons, etc. in tact!

– Brand videos with Clickable Watermarks

– Perfectly Time an HTML Overlay or Opt-in Form Overlay

– Perfectly Time a Clickable Banner Ad and a Working PayPal Buy Button

– Redirect Viewers ANYWHERE after video completes

– Facebook and Pinterest integration

– And that’s just the start of it, there’s lots more…

Simple Video PRO is quite similar to several of the popular, high priced (hundreds of dollars) video players, without the high price tag and all the features in ONE player.

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Webinar Smasher

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Aug 202012

A webinar income system like no other! You don’t need to create a product or be an expert salesperson… Because finally there is an easier way! Learn how to jam your webinars wall to wall with buyers who actually have money to spend. And offer BIG ticket products that they want and need without having to create a product. They have even developed a plugin that lets you turn your wordpress blog into a list building machine (upgrade).

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