WP Snapper Plugin

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Jun 302012

WP Snapper is a NEW Tool That Helps You Clone BLOGS Within Minutes. Make a backup of your site, and deploy it on as many domains as you want literally in
minutes, and you never have to mess with FTP ‘s, databases, wordpress installs or cpanel! During this special WSO offer get a 70% discount. I’ve already grabbed my copy, and I suggest you hurry, the price is rising.

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Offline Reputation Manager

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Jun 302012

This game-changing reputation management program will show you how to save local businesses from bad reviews using the power of video marketing. This is a great way to make big bank… whether you already have customers or if you are just getting started!

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The Logo Creator

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Jun 292012

This is a very cool piece of software (we have owned for years) that allows you to create professional graphics without spending huge money on programs or designers. It’s more than just Logo Design Software – You can create so many cool graphics, like… Logos, Page Headers, Facebook Timeline Images, Blog Graphics, Forum Headers, Watermarks, Power Point Presentation Graphics, And so much more… If you can point-and-click, then you too can create amazing graphics for yourself and others… You can even sell the graphics you make!

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Easy Optin Pro Plugin

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Jun 282012

Allows you to create stunning, custom optin forms with just a few clicks and easy to use short codes, that increase your mailing list optin conversions! Choose your own images, videos, colors, text….whatever you like. Create as many as you like and show them in your site via a simple shortcode. Integrates with just about ANY autoresponder! Easy Optin Pro makes it SUPER SIMPLE!

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Ninja Curation Profits

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Jun 272012

Video Curation Profits is Tim and Anthony Buchalka’s STEP BY STEP system of using Video Curation to build ridiculous amounts of web traffic via YouTube. VIDEO CURATION is even MORE POWERFUL than Blog Curation because it’s QUICKER, EASIER and has much better results. The exciting thing is… You’ll have way LESS COMPETITORS using Video Curation – because most people have no idea how to do it! And if you’re not into videos, you don’t even need to be in them!

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WP Mobile Assault

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Jun 272012

WP Mobile Assault – The First Plugin Of It’s Kind… Combines two vital powers into one seamless machine that is easy to use… Transforms ANY site into a gorgeous mobile version, compatible with iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and all tablets AND Collects Phone Numbers & Allows You to Contact Them Via SMS Texting At Any Time, For Free. Making it the perfect tool in your offline marketing arsenal.

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Skype Mafia Revolution

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Jun 272012

Skype Mafia Revolution is a complete system with training videos, downloadable mp4
videos, downloadable mp3 audios, transcripts, plus some other amazing bonuses showing you how to monetize and profit from the huge market that Skype has to offer. Now you can finally learn the secrets of how to use Skype for your business even if you’ve tried everything before.

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FB News Feed Hero

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Jun 262012

FACEBOOK Is Blocking Your Status Updates… ! LEGALLY steal the traffic secrets from 3 multi-billion dollar companies and harness the power of viral traffic completely for free without having any fans! This guide is full of eye-opening information that will finally unlock the secrets to massive facebook success. This will help affiliate marketers, offliners, and niche website owners.

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WSO Takeover Plugin PLR

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Jun 232012

The WSO Takeover Plugin gives you your OWN marketplace to promote your offers,
via a WordPress plugin. Even BETTER than that, this system will allow you to distribute USER plugins that promote YOUR offers too! You can use this in ANY niche. You can use it for UNLIMITED sites. You’ll get full Private Label Sourcecode rights to everything, and can use this system to generate an UNLIMITED number of plugins that promote YOUR offers. You can even use this to promote AFFILIATE offers… Personal, Developer, Resale and Private Label Rights licenses available.

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The Instagram Manifesto

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Jun 222012

The Ultimate Program on how to dominate Instagram. This course will break down exactly what you need to get not just tons of traffic but what you really want, which is conversions. No longer do you need to have access to a high priced digital camera or smart phone. Everything can be done from your PC!

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