Wp Contract Pages Plugin

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May 222012

This simple tool allows you to quickly and easily create client contracts right inside your WordPress blog in just a few clicks! All the contracts have been created by an actual internet attorney who knows our industry and the industry of selling services. Use these contracts for your offline clients, outsourcers, sales teams, etc.

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WP Brand Me

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May 212012

This one-of-a-kind plugin allows you to rebrand any type of plugin so you can sell it for profit. Three easy step… Purchase & Download WP-BrandMe… Rebrand some PLR WP-Plugins… Submit these plugins to 950+ Software directories for free backlinks, mega optins and cold hard cash… basically on auto-pilot. Watch for the special upgrade offer, where you get THREE complete WordPress Plugins as a business in a box which you can sell immediately as your own.

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Social Media Mega-Closer Presentation

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May 212012

This PLR Social Media Presentation closes clients with ease. It is high quality and very professional allowing YOU to get those sales. The package includes 5 presentations in both Powerpoint and Open Office formats. The main presentation being 60+ slides on social media and 4 more 30+ slides presentations that specifically address Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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May 212012

This Brand New Template Creates Fully Functional, High End, Professional Looking, Mobile Websites In 5 Minutes That You Can Resell For $500+ To Local Offline Clients. No Technical Skills, Design Skills Or Plugins Required. Easily Customizable For Any Business Type. 1,000’s Of Possible Mobile Site Combinations! Video Tutorials And Developer’s License Included. Extremely Newbie Friendly!

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Mobile Mega Flyers

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May 212012

These NEW ‘Professionally Designed’ mobile flyers get ATTENTION, arouse CURIOSITY, make a POWERFUL OFFER and maintain your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE. All for about 36 cents a piece. You don’t have to figure out what sales copy to insert – it’s already done for you. You don’t have to try and design something decent – it’s already done for you. They work with most versions of WORD and Open Office 3.3. (which is free)… If there is ONE product EVERY Offliner should own it is this NEW Mobile MEGA Flyer System.

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ACME Feedback Plugin

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May 212012

ACME Feedback Plugin allows you to add a feedback form to your wordpress site
that’s activated via left or right site tab, or ON EXIT. You can display a survey or questionnaire with up to five questions on the right side of the popup and ANY WIDGET or combination of Widgets on the left hand side.

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Quick Image Downloader

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May 212012

A desktop software that allows you to instantly search and download Royalty FREE images for your projects with just 1 click. Just three simple steps:
1. Enter A Keyword
2. Select A Site To Search Images
3. Select The Images To Download And Start Your Download
That’s it… Simple, Effective and 100% Newbie Friendly!

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Video Sketcher

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May 212012

Now you can easily customize a high-quality SMS Prospecting Video without software, online, Right Now! Video Sketcher is an editable video template aimed at local retail store owners promoting the benefit of SMS marketing. Complete customization by easily changing background colors, all text is editable, change it to target various niches and remove unneeded slides.

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StoreStarta WordPress Theme + Plugin Combo

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May 212012

StoreStarta WordPress Theme is an eye catching theme and plugin combo that will allow you to create near instant Online Stores where you can sell your own products. You can also use it to build Affiliate Stores and use any merchant you want, Amazon or Clickbank for example, DigiResults, JvZoo, iDavi, and more. To top it off, you can even build review sites where you just link to other affiliate offers.

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