Pinpal Bot

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Mar 232012

Burton Lancaster has teamed up with one of the best software producers in the IM industry to release a fully automated pinterest toolset that is going to blow your mind.

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Offline Magic Bullet

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Mar 222012

The Offline Magic Bullet is a COMPLETE system that includes a done-for you CD/DVD that you give away to your prospects as well as an Auto-Run website, label graphics,
mindmap, video training and more.

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Curation Domination

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Mar 222012

This video training series is comprised of 14 videos and some PDF’s and takes you step by step from A-Z. Explaining what curation is and why you should use it, showing you several mainstream examples (case studies) of curation of various types of content, how to find content to curate and how to curate it. They even tell you what NOT to curate!

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OTO Secret Weapons

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Mar 212012

A super sweet little system that automatically creates one time offer (OTO) pages for you (even includes products). The All In One Point & Click System That You Can Use To Start Making Online Income in 7 Days or Less! Even if you have NO Website, NO product of your own, NO list today, even if all you do is Affiliate Marketing…

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WP Super Sweep

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Mar 212012

Sweeps your entire WordPress site for over 25 security issues known to WordPress. In one simple click your site will be swept and tested for vulnerabilities so that you can be proactive and PREVENT an attack rather than trying to deal with the damage AFTER you’ve been hacked.

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Commission Scroller WordPress Plugin

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Mar 202012

Commission Scroller WordPress Plugin displays your offers/links on your blog with
the use of a scrolling bar across the top or bottom of your blog, that you can customize any way you wish. You can instantly monetize with Amazon, eBay, and
Clickbank, even choose how many offers to display. It’s super easy just enter your IDs and save!

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Instant Client Craze

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Mar 202012

Instant Client Craze Is a 100% unique way to grab new clients and get them paying you big bucks for your services. Whether you are looking to bring on more clients for your offline business or you are just starting your offline business, this is a truly unique method that is a sure fire way to explode your business.

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Power Lead Snatcher

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Mar 192012

With this new software you can filter through specific niches & find powerful leads within Google Maps, Yelp, Yellowpages, and more! The software actually shows which leads to go after because they’re lacking easy services you can provide –
or even outsource!

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FB App System 2.0

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Mar 162012

The FB App System is a revolutionary new software that allows ANYONE no matter what your skill level, to create and build viral Facebook applications. Promote an affiliate product, CPA offer, local business, your own product or just about anything else.

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