iSoft Easy Answers Software

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Oct 242011

iSoft Easy Answers uses Yahoo Answers to find out exactly what your buyer are looking for. You simply open the
software, type in the category (keyword) push the button, and the software will automatically generate the first 100 yahoo! Answers questions for that category (keyword). It also displays the best answer, allowing you to utilize
the information chosen by voters to create the products that are most in demand.

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WP Social Send

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Oct 242011

Sends You Waves of Instant Free Viral Facebook Traffic and Forces OTHERS To Send Buyers To Your Site. Hide ANY kind of content on your WordPress posts or pages… UNTIL someone clicks the all-new Facebook "private" Like button – the Send Button. It doesn’t matter if it’s an article, youtube (or some other video), name it. It can even be a coupon code, a voucher or a CPA offer link. And here’s the best part… It also posts your link to the walls of Facebook groups, which the regular like button DOESN’T do.

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WP SEO Automation

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Oct 222011

Easily Automate All Of The Pain In The A** SEO Tasks On Your Blog By Clicking One Button…

…Using the Easiest And Most Effective WordPress SEO plugin ever created.

Point. Click. Done.

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WP Comment Ninja

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Oct 222011

This hot new plugin will automatically post comments to your wordpress blog giving your site more authority,
social proof and will use the spammers comments to your advantage.

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WP Google Poster

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Oct 192011

WP Google Poster is a method, plugin and widget to get your WordPress Posts to appear on Google+. Now, I have to say now that if you are not based in the U.S. or India you are going to find this very difficult as you are not directly supported (you would have to use a proxy and set
up an new Google account). So, if you are not directly based in those countries, you might want to throw your arms up in disgust and leave now.

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Affiliate Surge Plugin V2.0

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Oct 192011

An incredibly powerful WordPress plugin that creates easy to use affiliate tools pages… all within minutes? This revolutionary plugin now incorporates a built in viral pdf report feature that allows affiliates to rebrand the pdf report with their affiliate id… with the click of just one button?

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