WSO Pro Guardian

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Aug 312011

WSO Pro Guardian… This amazing script will remove the limits, stop thievery
and help you take complete control of the warrior plus download delivery process.

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Easy Video Press Plugin

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Aug 312011

A simple, easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to… Easily Publish any video on a blog without writing a single line of code, or without pasting obscure embed code. Easily Customize the video in any way you want without getting your hands dirty and with just a few clicks, directly on the blog. And easily Monetize the video.

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PLR Brainhack

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Aug 312011

Hack Into The Minds Of These 7 Top Marketers To Find Out How They Secretly Use Plr To Rake In Huge Profits Leveraging Other People’s Work! You’ll get downloadable MP3 Interviews as well as full transcripts Of Each Audio, Free Lifetime Updates, and Free Closed Door Webinars.

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WSO Commissions Booster Report

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Aug 302011

WSO Commissions Booster is a simple, to the point, 40 page NO FLUFF PDF with everything you need to know about making money on the Warrior Forum. There is no "marketing" or "Warrior Forum" jargon so that
even the newest of warriors can understand everything. There are some incredible bonuses included as well.

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Autoresponder Blueprint

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Aug 302011

The Autoresponder Blueprint combines six figure list building strategies, along with John Fancher’s top secret email marketing secrets, making this course a truly unbreakable system for
building your list fast, and turning subscribers into buyers within days.

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Unlimited Web Graphics Membership

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Aug 292011

Unlimited Web Graphics Membership is a monthly membership with 3 different packages (levels) that include different amounts of projects per month. Examples of projects are:
mini-sites, header/footer, wordpress themes or mini-sites, twitter or youtube backgrounds, amazon book covers, kunaki templates, facebook fanpage templates, ecovers, testimonial/johnson boxes, plus lots more. You’ll get all the PSD files.
Select the package that best meets your needs!

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Massive PLR/Resell Sellout

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Aug 292011

Get your hands on 25 of Tracey’s professional products, many of which sold individually for MORE than all 25 items together in this package, for ONLY 80 cents a product. That’s WordPress themes, ebooks, high quality web templates, advertising graphics and more…

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HTML2WP Plugin

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Aug 282011

HTML2WP is a super-simple WordPress plugin that takes an existing, static HTML page and turns it into a WordPress page that looks EXACTLY like the original AND that can accept the Widgets of your normal active WordPress theme.

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WP Rater Plugin

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Aug 272011

WP Rater… A "Rating" Plugin that let’s visitors rate your pages/posts… What better way is there to get people to visit your site than to give them EXACTLY what they want? after they "rate" the post/page, they have the option to "share" the message.. Either to,
Twitter, Facebook Like/wall, Digg, and Google +, not only that, they can add you to their "Circles" Group as well!

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Super Simple Amazon S3 Link Protection

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Aug 272011

Super Simple Amazon S3 Link Protection…
– No Database
– Hide Your Download Page
– Protects any URL – Link Encryption – Hide any page
– All downloads have a time limit for access
– Very high speed downloads or video access
– Build download pages from very simple file edit
– Template driven for simple changes (change the look and
feel with simple text edits)
– Detailed video tutorials

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