Apr 152015

Cliksit lets you share any content or link as you would normally but you can now monetize the clicks. You could advertise your own products or affiliate offers or even use it to build a list. For example:  With Cliksit you could share an article, on Twitter or Facebook, from an authority site such as the New York Times talking about the latest diet and at the same time you can show an offer/optin or video right on the link you just shared.

Plus you can track everything from where your clicks are coming from, what countries, what social media they are using and if they also click on any of your offers. There are a lot of cool features to check out and were sure you will come up with some smart ways to use it.  Click Here Now To Get Your Bonuses…

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Apr 142015

Call That Number is the affordable system that accepts calls, greets your callers, and routes their messages to any email or phone number (anywhere in the world) you choose. Call That Number can be set it up on unlimited websites and has natural text to speech, voice menu, multi-lingual and all other features you would want. THE BEST PART… you pay one price, no recurring or monthly fee. Most competing services charge a recurring or a high
fee approaching $497! But you get this at a steep 95% discount, but *Only Today*! Watch the video then call the DEMO number…

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Apr 132015

Ultimate WordPress Branding allows you to display your colors, logo, company name and brand messaging across you or your clients entire site. Removing or replacing the WordPress branding from login to logout without a line of code. It even works on multi-sites so that you can build or
rebrand your whole network of sites all at once in about 20 minutes! (Step-by-step training included.) But the best feature hands down is the ability to “push” your new products or services to your clients  directly through the dashboard area. Its from Luther Landro and Jimmy Reilly (Reilly Labs), so you know its high quality, and support is their NUMBER ONE priority on all of their projects.

Want to see more features? Watch the video here…

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Apr 102015

Social Media Branding will instantly create matching branding graphics across Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for you and your clients. Look what you get with this “done-for-you” collection:

- 15 Facebook Cover Templates
- 15 Twitter Cover Templates
- 15 Google Plus Cover Templates
- 15 Youtube Cover Templates
- 15 Flyer Cover Templates
- 15 eCover Templates
- 20 Professional Business Card Templates

It even comes with Developer/Commercial license for NO  extra cost.

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Apr 092015

Imagine if every single one of your Facebook Timeline Posts was guaranteed to not only engage, but effortlessly gather leads into your lists without losing them or YOU having to spend hours updating… Social Cloud Suite actually sources the most engaged-with posts on Facebook RIGHT NOW, and promotes for you with an opt-in that is placed right there when a user clicks on the post – whether its a normal post, image or even video! You have to see this to believe it. Grab your discount and check out this LIVE demonstration, they are using the actual software on this page:

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Apr 082015

WARNING: 73.2 % of WordPress Users are likely to get hacked… NEW 3-Step Technology Protects You and Your Business Against Any Known Malware In 2 Minutes Flat… Without needing any technical know-how or having to hire an expensive developer AND you will get constant, regular backups on autopilot too! So get this tool for ALL your websites today and get a discount up to 82.5%…AND no recurring fees. Watch the video and get all the details here…

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Apr 082015

The New WordPress Plugin that solves one of the most glaring holes in Facebook functionality. What happens when you click on an image in a FB
post? Facebook regards an image as an image, and assumes that if you click on it, all you want to do is see a bigger version of it. As a marketer,
though, WE regard an image as a “graphical link”, so you want a click on it to go to a URL of your choice. And despite all the clever tools that have come out recently – no-one has fixed that! Timeline Image Leverage allows you create posts that do EXACTLY what you want with the image. Share Images on Facebook and Redirect Users to Any URL You Want When They Click on the Images.

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Apr 022015

WP Themes Mega Pack has over 370 Pro themes, over 200 of which are mobile Responsive! All organized specifically for bloggers who develop niche sites, with at least 12 months of updates, and all for less than what you would expect to pay for a single premium theme! PLUS you get FULL developer rights for all of them, so you can use them on as many of your sites, or your clients sites as you want, AND on sites that you Flip for a profit… And you wont pay a penny extra for the privilege. Grab this insane 377 Premium WP Theme Mega Pack for only $27 (Just one of these premium themes is $80+ to buy anywhere else). We should also mention that this offer is only available for a short amount of time, so hurry!

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Mar 312015

New WordPress Theme Allows You To Unleash, Stunning, Hyper-Engaging Websites, Without Coding Or Design Skills.  You name it; this POWER theme has it all. Though its packed with direct response features it is designed for one reason, and one reason only: To build professional websites that WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. This is an all-in-one easy to use business front, where the OTOs are natural additions to the theme. Now you will have all the tools and information to set up a POWER BUSINESS.

*8 Ready-Made Niche-Templates For 1-Click Installation
* Done-For-You Funnel Templates For Quick & Easy Sales-Funnels And List-Building
* Integrated “Reputation Management” Functionality
* Pre-Configured With All Essential Plugins
* Full Installation Documentation And Tutorial (Text And Video)
Grab your copy here with several
ordering options to choose from…

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Mar 252015

Google is set for another BIG Update… And this update will have more impact on your sites than Panda or Penguin! On April 21st Google will roll out an update that will cause a major impact on your site rankings if you do not comply to the mobile responsive requirement. But what if you like your theme and spend hours tweaking your current layout but have a non-mobile responsive site right now?

WP Mobile Pro is the fastest and easiest solution that allows you to create a mobile responsive site in 5 seconds without the need to change your main layout or theme. For desktop users you keep the current theme and only for mobile users there will be an optimized theme for mobile to make sure you comply to the Google update. Unless your site is mobile responsive, no matter what type of site you have online, offline or local, this update will affect you!

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